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Blood Donation During Covid - 19 Pandemic

29 August 2020

Blood Donation During Covid - 19 Pandemic
In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, practice of physical distancing and appeals to stay at home reduce people’s interest in donating blood,  which led to shortage of blood supply at the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), even though the need for blood transfusions continues on as usual.
Therefore, as a form of Comextra’s awareness, on August 29, 2020 PT Comextra Majora in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a blood donation activity and a total 86 persons donated their blood.
However, is it safe to donate blood during Covid-19 pandemic? Covid-19 is an illness caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system and to date there is no data or evidence that this corona virus can be transmitted by blood. However, to keep the blood donation activity safe amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) apply a protocol for people who will donate blood. The body temperature must be less than 37.50 C and there is no indication of contracting COVID-19 or any symptoms that could lead to respiratory disease. Donors are required to wear mask, even if they have no symptoms. Meanwhile, blood donor officer must wear complete PPE and should not be on duty if they feel unwell.
With this blood donation activity, it is hoped that it can inspire other companies to carry out the same activities so that the blood supply at PMI is maintained during Covid-19 pandemic and the lives of people who need blood transfusion can be saved.