Welcome to PT Comextra Majora®


The History of PT Comextra Majora®, starting from the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 1988. This history originated from an old building rented for office, a place for drying agricultural commodities, and warehouse address at Jalan Andalas No. 39, Makassar. In this early period, UD Prakarsa Jaya Abadi was used as the forerunner of a business entity which was still oriented to local and inter-insular business. In view of the on-growing business in 1990-1994, another company, PT Prakarsa Jaya Adycitra was set up specifically more directed to export activities.

To anticipate the rapid development of the company, on March 18, 1994, PT Comextra Majora was established. Basically, PT Comextra Majora® is an amalgamation of all previously established companies. In 1997 the office of PT Comextra Majora® moved to its own building on Jalan Teuku Umar No. 111 - 113, Makassar, while the processing and warehouse is located at Jalan Salodong No. 66, Makassar. In 2002, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business management, including operations and supervision, the Board of Directors decided to move its headquarters, warehouses and processing facilities into an integrated complex on Jalan Salodong no. 66, Makassar.