Welcome to PT Comextra Majora®
The Business


As the business foundation is oriented on
trustworthiness, professionalism and integrity,
the company is the most committed to maintain our trading position and make improvement where necessary, which naturally reflects a consistent, continuous and endless process of changing for the better. Thus the company will always be willing, ready and able to strive and overcome any challenges to come in the rapidly ever-changing world.

Such philosophical business commitment is clearly reflected in our company's logo. The octagonal image in our logo represents an abstraction of shape of a tortoise shell with a diamond in the center. In ancient Chinese mythology tortoise is an animal symbolizing a very long duration of life. The diamond is the symbol of solidity and perfection, which will last forever.

Our current business, which generally includes trading, processing, shipping, commodity sourcing and bridging financing to our groups of farmers, will contribute to strengthen our trading position in the global market. Shipment and logistics management is our main concern that will enable us to keep on-time delivery of goods and fulfill the contracts as scheduled with cost efficiency applying tight quality control specified by our customers.