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Blood Donation May 2023

20 May 2023

Blood Donation May 2023
MAKASSAR - On 20th May 2023, PT. Comextra Majora® has successfully conducted a voluntary blood donation activites in association with Indonesian Red Cross Society Makassar and collecting 49 blood bags.
There are health benefits for donors, it can improve your emotional well-being, free health check up because the staff members will check your pulses, blood pressure, body temperature and hemoglobin levels. Regular blood donation also linked to lower blood pressure and a lower risk for heart attacks.

On top of all the benefits, the most important is donating blood means helping others. Giving blood is a way to engage in the immediate community and help people around you. This is what makes PT. Comextra Majora® committed to continuing to support blood donor activities from time to time.