The mainstream of our sourcing network stands on our branch and unit offices almost in the entire Sulawesi production areas. This is our business backbone, which, conceptually, is different from that of other Makassar exporters. Operationally, we distinguish branch office and unit office based on export activities. The branch normally has capability and direct assesses to export activities in each local production area while the unit office doesn't. But both the branch and the unit offices serve the headquarter competence.

Our existence in the center of production areas has enabled us to build closer sourcing network to farmers who are the major shareholders in Sulawesi commodity trading. This community of farmers, has been able to establish their own financial support and self sufficiently being capable of developing either cocoa or cashew plantations. No doubt this strategic location has so far, generated mutual benefits, advantages, and efficient network sourcing frontiers. The sourcing chain has, therefore, been shortcut. On one hand we can provide the farmers with international market prices, and on the other, we can see that their supply guarantee is secured. We keep them well in touched of the necessary information, knowledge or weather report which may effect their crops, and guide them to apply both an appropriate protection, and the relevant tight quality control on their export commodities which in the end will make them possible to earn a maximized return.


Makassar (formerly named Ujung Pandang), is the location where our head office run the management of all branch and unit offices' operations in trading, sourcing raw material from all Sulawesi island production areas. Our head office, a two-floor building built on a plant site of about 10 hectare, 17 kms away from Makassar city center, is the center of our business operations. On the first floor we have one representative dining room, two conference rooms for meeting and training or seminar while the office of the Board of Directors and the staff officers is on the second floor.

Other facilities available are:

  • Processing plant for cocoa beans and cashew kernels equipped with an automatic thermo oil boiler functioning as cashew kernels dryer to meet an accurate standard level of moisture content required for export commodities;
  • Analysis laboratory and sieve/winnowing facility by which workers sort out, separate cocoa beans from dirt, impurities, and waste;
  • Covered drying ground with massive capacity, properly measuring tool and automatic weight-bridge


Palu is the capital city of Central Sulawesi Province where the first branch office was built beyond Makassar Headquarter. It covers an approximately 10,000 m2 land site consisting of the main building and other facilities:

  • An approximate 2,190 m2 warehouse used for processing and storage cocoa beans with capacity of about 2,000 mts;
  • A 1,150 m2 covered drying ground situated among the warehouses and the staff lodging equipped with Comextra standardized winnowing for sorting and separating dirt and waste of cocoa beans before packaging for delivery to Makassar headquarter or export.
The branch general manager conducts a day-to-day operation and is directly responsible for reporting the branch management to the Headquarter.

In view of the fast on-growing business of Palu branch office, the board decided to extend the land site with the processing and the storage capacity of 10,000 m2 to 20,000 m2 during the period of 2003 - 2004. Thus the total warehouses built came to 3,620 m2 able to accommodate the storage of about 4,000 mts cocoa beans.

To practically manage operational activities, the office and the laboratory of quality control are stationed on one side of the warehouse. This office also has a set of computer that controls automatic weight-bridge equipment and computerized purchasing administration.

Kasimbar is one supporting asset under Palu branch, located about 3 hours drive from Palu. It has a staff lodging, a warehouse and a drying ground covering an area of about 3,000 m2. The export activity in Palu Branch Office is done through Pantoloan port as export gateway of Central Sulawesi Province.


Our Kolaka branch was built in the suburbs of Kolaka, about 200 kms away from Kendari, the capital city of South East Sulawesi Province. At the start, the land site was only 5,000 m2, out of which 1,660 m2 was for a warehouse and an operational office, a staff lodging and a covered drying ground.

During 2005, the area was extended to a total of 4 hectares, out of which more than 3,000 m2 was for a newly built warehouse with about 3,500 mts storage capacity. In this site a small cocoa plantation was set up and used as a replica plantation model for display to the surrounding farmers. To support our routine work, besides weight-bridge, computerized purchasing administration and quality control laboratory, we are using Comextra standardized mechanical devices both for winnowing and processing cocoa beans and raw cashew nuts.

In the same year some improvement and up grading were made on other facilities including two units of covered drying ground totaling 2,300 m2 and one house-store of 175 m2. This house-store provides daily supplies for our workers, our farmers' customers and the people living around the local area.

Similarly to Kasimbar, as the sourcing and exporting center for cocoa beans and raw cashew nut, the branch focused on pooling goods directly from the farmers. Kolaka Port is the gateway of our export activity and is the only port for export that exists in Kolaka District. The Branch General Manager manages the daily operation in Kolaka Branch Office.


Wotu Unit Office was built in the midpoint of cocoa beans producing area in the North Luwuk Distric of South Sulawesi Province, about 535 kms away from Makassar. The land site spans as large as 5 hectares out of which 520 m2 is for a warehouse with about 800 mts storage capacity complemented with an approximately 760-m2 open-drying ground as well as fermenting station and equipment granted by the Estate Office (Dinas Perkebunan) of South Sulawesi Province. The office working area lies on one side of the warehouse, equipped with a laboratory for cocoa beans quality analysis. There are also two buildings for the lodging of 8 staffs in charge.

In this site a 4 hectares plantation model was set up, which specifically produces superior seeds, nursery and cocoa plant materials for side-grafting purpose. The side-grafting is one of the methods to encourage and motivate the farmers to improve small holders' plantation and rejuvenate the old cocoa plants to generate high-yielding good quality cocoa which in the end, as our factual contribution, improves income and economic of stake-holders, cocoa farmers, and at least for the surrounding farmers' community. In such circumstances our business will be, not only, sustainable but also will provide benefits to the farmers in the long run.

Our cocoa seeds and nursery plantation, is the only private cocoa plantation which has obtained legality from the government by virtue of the Estate Directorate General of Agriculture Department of the Republic Indonesia letter No. 929/VII-BP4/199 dated October 01, 1999. Again, this is a remarkable achievement as a result of our outstanding performance, which distinguished us from those ordinary pure exporters or traders in the region.


In Polmas, our first unit office and warehouse was built approximately 280 kms away from Makassar, in one of the important production areas of cocoa beans in South Sulawesi Province.

The land site occupies an area of 5,000 m2, out of which 590 m2 is used for a warehouse with storage capacity about 800 mts of cocoa beans and opposite the warehouse, there is a covered drying ground sizing up to 840 m2. In this site a semi-permanent building specialized for fermenting process of cocoa beans was established as our additional service to our group of farmers, including our standard staff lodging.

The laboratory and staff working area are located on one side of the warehouse. To manage this unit office, the company employs 5 staffs whose main duty is to perform quality testing, processing and purchasing cocoa beans directly from the individual farmers and group of farmers.


Ladongi lies in between Kendari and Kolaka, South East Sulawesi Province, about 120 kms away from Kendari. This site covers an area of 2 hectares and equipped with about 200 m2 warehouse and about 162 m2 drying ground.


Exceptionally for Kendari, there is no representative office, only an available bare land, ready for construction.

Cashew Nut Center

We are covering almost all cashew nut producing areas especially in Sulawesi. We are operational in Sidrap, Pangkep and Barru, of South Sulawesi Province; spreading out to Luwuk Banggai of Central Sulawesi Province; up till to Raha and Bau-bau of South East Sulawesi Province.

The above mentioned cashew farming community residing in the region, have been entrusted partners of the company since we have been educating them, and providing them with the shelling equipment, raw material during off season and transportation. In such circumstances, we have been able to develop a solid cashew-sourcing network as our cashew biz backbone. Again this is our ultimate effort to secure and guarantee a sustainable cashew supply for our valued customers.

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