Thanks God for the hectic but blessed years, that growth rate and the development of the company have always been well managed. It has been going on more than fifteen years since the company began its first trading. However, continuous attempt and strenuous efforts are always in progress to keep on searching for any weaknesses so that any appropriate measures or leverage may be made for necessary improvement.

In this inevitable fierce competitive global economy, there won't be any single company that may have an opportunity and the right to survive without professional improvement, or else such company will, no doubt, stop to exist or shorten its life cycle. With the business foundation oriented to trustworthiness, professionalism and integrity, in the future, the company will keep on trying to improve for the better, which reflects a continuous, consistent and endless process. Thus the company will always be willing, ready and able to strive and overcome any challenges to come in the rapidly ever-changing world.

Celebes or Sulawesi being one of the big islands in Indonesian archipelago, is very rich of natural resources among others agricultural produces. The bountiful species from this island was well known overseas that once led to the era of colonization.

Enthusiastically triggered by the keen interest in the abundant potential natural resources of the island, Jimmy Wisan tried to gain benefits in agro-business. As it was the beginning of his business, the mission was focused on exploring business opportunity. Thus the activity had been a business intermediary or local trader that provided farmers of the interior part of the island with facilities so as to enable them to access the local market of Makassar. The nature of the business line was a general trade. The trading covered the transactions of cocoa beans, candlenuts, black local seed, and other spices available. No specific commodities were set up during the company early growing period.

Today, our business has been focused on cocoa beans and cashew kernels. We have the system in place to ensure our produce and products are safe, consistent and meet our each individual customer requirements. The international quality standard is basically to be implemented which serves and offers an approach to monitoring the quality conformance on each stage of our entirely production lines and delivery process. We have been using different type of packaging materials either for cocoa beans or cashew kernels. We always pack our cocoa beans in imported new jute bags whilst our cashew kernels pack in food grade flexi-bags and carton boxes. As food safety as our ultimate concern, so we strictly demand the same commitment to food safety from all of our packaging suppliers and this is a must.

At P.T. Comextra Majora we are continually developing and up grading our produce and product quality performance. The main objective of this approach is directed to reinforce the whole system in such away that the desired quality level of our products, in relation to the food safety for the consumer, is sufficiently guaranteed. We have been implementing strictly guidelines on hygiene standard as well. With these circumstances in place, this improved and reinforced system should permanently have the confidence for the customer, trade chain parties and the government. We therefore ensure that "OUR QUALITY IS OUR PRIDE".

As a preventive quality assurance system, we are HACCP certified on October 26, 2005. In the mean time our cashew kernels product is Halal Certified, Kosher and Pareve certified as well.

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  • The Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd. (FCC) London
  • The Cocoa Merchants' Association of America, Inc. (CMAA) New York
  • The Association of Food Industries, Inc. (AFI) New Jersey
  • The Indonesian Cocoa Association (INCA)
  • The Indonesian Food & Beverages Association (GAPMMI)
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