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PT Comextra Majora® was started in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1988. From the start, the nature of our business has always been based on trustworthiness, professionalism and integrity. We are continually developing and up grading our produce and product quality performance. The main objective of this approach is directed to reinforce the whole system in such a way that the desired quality level of our products, in relation to the food safety is sufficiently guaranteed. We have been implementing strictly guidelines on hygiene standard as well. With these circumstances in place, this improved and reinforced system should permanently have the confidence for the customer, trade chain parties and the government.

We therefore ensure that:

"Our Quality is our Pride"

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Produce & Product

The main agricultural produce we work on and trade are cashew and cocoa.

The two main commodities are collected from almost all over cashew and cocoa producing regions in Indonesia. Through the close supervision of our field supervisors who have many years of experience are assurances to ensure the acquisition of good quality raw materials. From the best raw materials that we process to be a ready to sell commodity with the best quality as well and strictly follow international standards.

Cashew Kernel
Cocoa Bean
Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
Cashew Shell Cake
Animal Feed
Cocoa by Produce

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Breakfasting with PT Comextra Majora

Breakfasting with PT ...

May 31, 2018

Sharing happiness and to strengthen togetherness and fellowship, every year in the month of Ramadan PT Comextra Majora® hold Breakfasting event that take place in the company area. ...

PT Comextra Majora mendapat penghargaan dari Gubernur Sulsel

South Sulawesi Governor's Award

April 04, 2018

The Governor of South Sulawesi awarded PT Comextra Majora® for its contribution in development of South Sulawesi for year 2008-2018. The award was presented directly by ...

Submission of Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Submission of Certificate of ...

March 27, 2018

Based on Decree number 714/BC/2017 dated on December 20th, 2017 issued by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, PT Comextra Majora® is recognized as an Authorized ...

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